Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer


Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

Being accused of sexual assault can be terrifying.

A conviction can mean long prison sentences. Even probation can carry with it lifetime registration as a sex offender. This can have a devastating affect on a person’s family, work, and social life. The stigma can follow a person for life. Having someone on your side that is experienced and tenacious can help.

Paul Darrow is a former prosecutor that has handled these cases from point of view of the District Attorney’s Office. He now uses all of his experience, training, inside knowledge, and skill to help his clients.

Paul fights every case the same: with integrity, determination, and innovation. Paul sees each client’s case as a unique set of facts that must be examined and investigated. Many times these cases require a trial lawyer that will push the government’s case.  It is through constant pressure on the State that these cases get successful results.